Sant’Andrea is patron saint of various countries, including Scotland, but perhaps best loved by the Amalfitani whose town he has saved from various disasters.     Twice a year his statue is brought out from the Cathedral crypt to be carried through all the town, stopping for prayers at a number of improvised candle-lit altars before being taken to the beach to bless all its local fishermen.  This is because he  is also the patron saint of fishermen, as were both he and his brother Simon Peter.   In this town, where almost every man will have at least three christian names (often the first being that of his grandfather), one of them will almost certainly be Andrea.    Those for whom it is their first name will share November 30th, the most important day of the year for this saint, as one of great celebration, more important than their own birthday.   Wherever they go on that day, they can expect to hear ‘Auguri’ (best wishes) from all they meet, as well as receiving free drinks, gifts and certainly a very special meal with family and friends.




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