It was the first week of June

“It was the first week of June and we’d arrived in the early afternoon when most people were at their siesta. Only a few people sat at the pavement cafe’s, eating ice-creams or sipping drinks and talking quietly together. Sun blinds gave shade to outside tables and made the interiors dark and cool. Waiters were taking advantage of the quiet moments, the young ones playing cards together, while the older men crossed their arms on the tables, resting their heads on them to doze peacefully. Everywhere, windows had their shutters closed to keep out the glare of the afternoon sun and we only knew there were people inside the rooms from the sound of crockery being washed and put away after another heavy Italian lunch, or by the loud voices of weary mothers shouting out ‘Dormire’! which I knew meant they were telling someone to go to sleep.”


Just remembering that day brings sadness because now there are no more plume be-decked horses clip-clopping by and the pavement tables have gone. On that first day tourism was still genteel and not yet accompanied by numerous coaches, huge cruise ships and cars………


10 thoughts on “It was the first week of June

    • Thank you for the comment – most people do not get around to putting their comments on to the blog – which is a shame, since then only I can see it.
      I appreciate your comment about being early, but in fact that excerpt comes along some way into the book where I go back to how I arrived in Amalfi – and the comment was mine from today, not in the book. I am tending to put a short excerpt and then my comment. Did you see it all by ticking on to July 2014? Maureen

  1. Can feel the warmth and hear the gentle sounds. Great atmosphere! But I am left with the feeling of sadness for the disappearance of the past too soon in the narrative.

    • just looked again at your comment Alix, – thought I had replies –
      the sadness was just my up-to-date comment to the short excerpt – and I ‘arrive’ some way into the book, not immediately, so you wouldn’t get that feeling.
      thank you for commenting.

    • Hi, I’ve been back to Amalfi for a while, this last week was one year since I lost Ru – so I have not looked at this at all. Just found your message now – are you the Hanka I remember from Amalfi?

    • Hankairma

      Hello Hanka – hope you can understand, but the ‘tizz’ I’ve been in since losing Rupert means that I really don’t know whether you will have seen my reply to you on here. If you are who I think you are, and who else could you be, I remember you fondly and really do appreciate your having sent me your sympathy. No idea where you are now or what you’re doing, think someone told me they had seen you in Amalfi?
      would love to hear from you,
      M tureen

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