About my book

Intuition always told me that one day I would live in Italy and when certain tricks of Fate led me to the shores of Amalfi, I knew within hours this was the place meant to be my home.   ‘Amalfi Mio’ relates the events that led to my living in this place of exceptional beauty and the good and bad aspects of trying to build a new life there.  I have gone deeper than the pleasures of drinking capuccini or sipping wine under the sun, since I soon became aware of the difficulties of adapting to a foreign culture and local attitudes, particularly foreign women such as myself.   As one who had worked with the BBC in stimulating surroundings, adapting was not always easy and I give a true picture of the problems I faced, as well as the romantic surroundings.   My book is chiefly a personal story, but the surroundings and rich  history of Amalfi provide a colourful backdrop.   First impressions are that everyone is always smiling and certainly, having lived in London where no-one says hello, I was always delighted to be greeted by that friendly smile.


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