About Maureen

DSCF0574I’m a very intuitive soul and always knew, without a doubt, that one day I would be spending my life in Italy.   There was no logic to this, my father was Irish, my mother’s father was of Greek blood and I was born, of all places, in Birmingham, lived some time in Ireland and then mostly in London – so where did the feeling for Italy come from?  Well, to not sound totally crazy, think I’ll keep that theory to myself for a little longer.

So what’s this blog all about?   It’s about sharing;   my feelings and attachment to the place I eventually did call my home, are so strong that I have to share them and hope to make anyone who reads this, feel they would like to share as well.

The place in question is Amalfi – originally named after the beautiful young nymph who was loved by Ulysses.    When she died he felt the need to bury her body in the most beautiful place he could find on Earth and after much searching, he found the enchanted jewel that is Amalfi.

‘AMALFI MIO’ tells the story of how I found the same place, knew within hours that it was to be ‘my’ place and how Destiny brought me back to live  there.


12 thoughts on “About Maureen

    • Read that I had another comment – looked at it and thought ‘that’s nice, thank you whoever you are’
      but then I thought – is this the Katy I think you are? Delighted if you are and a big thank you.

  1. Hi Maureen
    Colin from the WOW group here. I said I would look at the structure of your book and would like to send you what I came up with. Can I email it to you or would you prefer to wait till the next WOW meeting?

    • just to tell you Colin, that it’s so long since I’ve really looked at these pages – I’ve only just now found your message – did you think I was very bad-m angered not to reply? so sorry. M

    • thank you so much – sorry I haven’t answered before, only just found this page. plan to be back with Amalfi very soon. It certainly is the most beautiful place, tho’ in my book I’ve put in also the problems that exist there – as they do anywhere

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