“The best feature of this house was its spacious tiled terrace which looked straight across to the Villa Cimbrone in Ravello.  When Andrea set out for work in the morning, I could watch from the terrace until his little blue Fiat 500 was far away down the road, then Rupert and I usually ate our breakfast in that magnificent open space, looking across to the Bay of Salerno, the rooftops of Amalfi below us and the sea stretching away to the horizon.   When we first arrived, breakfast had been only bread or cornetti with butter and jam, but one day we were both delighted to find a shop that sold Kellogs’ Cornflakes and we were able to have a ‘proper’ breakfast at last”


view from Minuta, Scala


What a view and how we loved it.   In the morning it was a treat to have breakfast with all that beauty around us.   Later, we’d walk down to the main piazza to take the bus to Amalfi, for lunch with my in-laws.   At the end of the day, we’d come back in the car with Andrea, usually bringing pizzas which we’d eat sitting on the terrace wall, looking down at the sea sparkling in the moonlight and the bobbing lights of the fishing boats.


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