Tribute to my son, Rupert Scarfe




This tribute to my son, Rupert Scarfe, was printed last month in a local Amalfi Coast newspaper ‘Positano News’

…..when you hear those words from SCARFE, the association is immediate; in the mind of those most interested is formed the image of his father, the satirical cartoonist with Pink Floyd, band that rode the crest of the wave in the ’80s – and yet Rupert was so much more than the son of Gerald Scarfe. ;He was a soul who loved to feel the
freedom of the wind on the curves of the Amalfi Coast. It’s enough to leaf through his pages on Facebook to understand how great has been the loss of the greatest tour leader that Amalfi has ever known. Great bitterness for all those who knew the versatile and sunny personality who when at a young age arrived from London, with his mother Maureen, transferring themselves to the little Paradise wedged between the rocks. The tangible disbelief which can be sensed from the messages, is undeniable; a memory to bring to life his smile, like a sparkling ray of sunshine in a dull day. Positano News wants to remember Rupert Scarfe with the words of Renato Fucini, in his Ode to Amalfi – ‘the Day of Judgement, for the Amalfitani who will go to Paradise, will be a day like any other”
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One thought on “Tribute to my son, Rupert Scarfe

  1. Wow Maureen what a very touching piece. I cant start to imagine the loss you must be feeling. My thoughts are with you as ever.

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