“Although Ravello was mentioned by Boccaccio in his ‘Decameron’ – it’s nice to know that two men from the UK were responsible for keeping the town high on the list of European cultural pilgrimages by attracting so many famous visitors and artists over the last two centuries. Neville Reid, the Scot whose beautiful garden so enchanted the great composer, Wagner, that he can be considered responsible for today’s highly regarded international music festival – and Lord Grimthorpe, the Yorkshireman whose own ‘Shangri-La’ became a place of refuge away from curious eyes for Sweden’s great actress, Greta Garbo and her secret lover the conductor, Leopold Stokowski, as well as providing a magnificent setting for countless others ravello13who have continued to enjoy its beauty over so many years.”


5 thoughts on “Ravello

    • Hi, Thank you so much for leaving such a warm comment. I had just come on-line to write another
      short piece for my blog and found your message very encouraging. Are you based in the wonderful
      Ravello? I’ve written quite a lot about it in my book – couldn’t do otherwise.
      Hope you continue to like the blog.
      Ciao per adesso, Maureen

      • I’ve been to Ravello two years ago. I’ve stayed on the Amalfi Coast in Praiano for almost an entire month and felt in love with the places, so much that I made the site that serves as my email address. One day, I hope to return and live there, so now you can understand better why your story is so interesting to me.

      • That’s good to know. I’ve written very honestly about my life there, as a foreign woman, which as I’m sure you will realise, is very different to life for a foreign man! However, I always emphasise that
        whatever problems I came across could never change my feelings about the place; also, luckily I have a good sense of humour.

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