Still learning……

“I woke to the sound of numerous new-born babies mewling in their nursery and very soon two nurses came to our room, one of them carrying our Vincenzo. The first one turned to me with a big smile and said –‘Ah signora, last night you were so brave’ –‘Oh, thank you’.  Her companion clearly did not like to hear that and when she was also told – ‘This signora is English and she was so brave last night, she didn’t even say ah’ that second nurse  looked at me with total contempt, before replying ‘Well, it’s easy for her, she’s English. They don’t feel pain like we do!’.”

It always makes me smile whenever I remember that last comment and it taught me yet another lesson about the differences between my upbringing and that of everyone around me.   In England, my generation was always expected to ‘not make a fuss’ whatever was going on.  We would have been considered and felt, very ‘wimpish’ if we complained about pain or any other discomfort. In my new environment, not shouting with anger, crying with sorrow or pain, or perhaps throwing a heavy object, only showed a lack of feeling – not something to be admired;    consequently, everyone seems to feel obliged to let those around them be left in no doubt of their depth of ‘feeling’.

I couldn’t change, but I’d learned something new.


One thought on “Still learning……

  1. Wow what a tale you have to tell…………………..Loving your blog…… have a very nice way of putting meaning into words that attract my attention…………….well done………..More I say….more please

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